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  • Fatherlessness

    Posted by on February 5th, 2020 (All posts by )

    There are very clear numbers associating fatherlessness with increased crime and other pathologies, such as dropping out of school or early sexual experience.

    Yet crime and dropping out have decreased in the society at large, even as fatherlessness in society has risen dramatically. Having a father who leaves or was never there seems to clearly be a bad indicator for an individual child. (Note: this is an association and could be genetic or environmental.) Yet the overall trend, even in fairly dramatic form, has not been able to override long-term improvement on those measures.  I wonder what is happening? I should look at the timetables for all of these and see if anything jumps out at me.  But first, I wondered whether any of you500vip彩票安卓下载官网 had already seen something on the matter.


    4 Responses to “Fatherlessness”

    1. Says:

      There is pretty good evidence that adult behavior is mostly genetic, at least 50%.

      Childhood behavior is more subject to parenting or lack of.

      One problem in untangling this is that the genetics of people who produce fatherless children is also not good.

      Charles Murray got into a lot of trouble (unmerited) writing about the underclass and children perpetuating underclass but he was also concerned about assortive mating” by parents at elite colleges.

    2. Mike-SMO Says:

      I don’t have access to many of my links due tyo a “smoked” computer and a lack of independent backup, but I recall a discussion, probably from something over at Unz, possibly from something Steve Sailor wrote, which discussed children with missing fathers. Abandoned children had poorer outcomes than did children whose fathers were lost during war time. The suggestion was that the genetic contribution of the father was more important to the child’s ultimate outcome than was the actual presence of that father during that child’s formative years. The children of unfortunate soldiers did well, the children of those who deserted their families did less well.

      The concept of the importance of the genetic contribution relates to local politics since the local prosecutor has refused to prosecute or otherwise coerce fathers who had abandoned their families. “Chaining” the father to the family (i.e.: be there, pay up, or get jail time) might make life easier for the mother but might not accomplish much, if anything, toward improving the eventual outcome for the children since the genetic contribution of the children was already determined. Some friends and collegues were outraged at this attitude since they subscribe to the notion that the better child care, nutrition, sense of security, etc in a complete(d) family must, in their view, lead to an improvement in the outcome for the affected children. The consideration of the importance of the child’s genetic makeup brings in charges of racism and a dispair about the improvement of the human condition. We can both support “enforced” child support although my expectations are much more modest than theirs.

      To split the hairs a bit, mention was made, over at Slate Star Codex, of preliminary studies suggesting that some “Pre-K” programs and “good” elementary school teachers do not improve academic achievement beyond that expected from the source population, but those experiences do produce better “social” outcomes for those children. An actual link to that discussion is not available from me.

      What is absolutely clear is that discussions of the relative contribution of genetics and environment in areas of academics and social success are not topics suitable for dinner discussion among friends. I suggest that conversations at such times would more appropriately be limited to the topics of religion, sex, and national political issues such as man-made climate change in order to preserve a more friendly atmosphere. {/s}

    3. Christopher B Says:


      Just wanted to note that in addition to the genetic factor, people will view a child fatherless due to death, especially in military service, differently than one whose father simply left (or was kicked out by the mother). Even with changing attitudes towards divorce and single motherhood people will still draw a distinction.

    4. Kirk Says:

      Oh, do let’s be honest with ourselves: The important thing in these discussions isn’t the actual presence of the father, but the genetic factors that would have gone into that father sticking around to help raise the kids. Of course the kids from fathers that would have stuck around are going to do better; they’re already primed to do well on those “positive measures” you500vip彩票安卓下载官网’re looking at, and the behavioral genes are likely lurking there in the background.

      Which is not to say that the actual presence of a father isn’t important, but that you500vip彩票安卓下载官网’re mistaking correlation for causation.

      Call them “Cuckoo-genes” if you500vip彩票安卓下载官网 like, but the sort of male that loves ’em and leaves ’em represents a certain mating strategy, one that I think you500vip彩票安卓下载官网’ll find is correlated heavily with a lot of things our society considers fairly irresponsible and anti-social–Like criminal behavior.

      It’s mostly down to the women, though–They like these characteristics, and select for them. If women really were attracted to buttoned-down father types, then the “Bad Boy” trope would be an irrelevant aberration. Unfortunately, all too many women like that sort of thing, so here we are. The inner-city dysfunction typified by that rapper who just killed his mother for her money isn’t down to failure by the men, it’s a failure of the women to properly identify and then actualize self-interested breeding choices in the mates they select. Although, I suppose that helping the self-interested “Bad Boy” types reproduce would represent an alternative gene-propagation strategy that might serve to offset all the other detractors.

      You step back from the purely human considerations, and look at the question as being one of a competition between gene complex reproduction strategies, and you500vip彩票安卓下载官网 start to see the outlines of what the actual problems are. And, most of those come down to the gatekeepers in these situations making really bad choices for themselves, and society–While doing exactly what those “Cuckoo-genes” consider optimal.

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